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Cookie policy

Academic Work is a staffing and recruitment company that primarily focuses our services towards our target group, Young Professionals – students and academics in the beginning of their career. Our website focuses mainly on three groups of people – companies in need of staffing resources, candidates looking for a job, and consultants that have already been hired by Academic Work. We always strive to have a website that is user friendly, has a logical navigation structure, and with a high technological performance.

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A cookie is a text-based data file that we will ask to save on your computer. The main purpose of cookies is to give the web browser access to different types of functions and services on the website by storing certain information with the cookie.

Different types of cookies

There are two different types of cookies that may be stored on your computer or smart phone – session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies only exist temporarily while you as a user navigates on our website. These temporary cookies allow you to use various functions and services as optimally as possible on our site. The cookie disappears when you close the browser. The Academic Work website uses mostly session cookies.

Persistent cookies are stored for a longer period of time to remember information, settings, preferences, or sign-in credentials that you have saved, to create a more convenient and user-friendly website. Some of our third-party cookies are stored longer than temporary cookies and have expiration dates that make them almost permanent.

You can read more about our different types of cookies in our Cookie Overview, referred to below, and in our Cookie Settings tool, found at the bottom of our website.

The purpose of our cookies

We use cookies on our website to improve your experience and to ensure that all services on the website work, for example, when applying for a job or logging in to your profile. We also use cookies for marketing purposes and for the purpose of you as a user getting the best possible experience. The information we collect through cookies may also be used by third parties.

Third party cookies

We use cookies from third parties, mainly for marketing purposes. A complete list may be found in our Cookie Overview below. In order to evaluate and develop our marketing, we use these services that aggregate features and user behaviors in order to tailor the marketing that is displayed to you. We also use cookies from Google Analytics for website development purposes to improve and simplify the visitor’s experience. To protect your personal information as much as possible, we have tailored Google Analytics to make your IP address anonymous to us.

Manage your cookie settings and block the use of cookies

On our website, you can manage your cookie settings and tailor your choice of what cookies you want to accept. You can reach the cookie settings in the pop-up box that appears the first time you visit our website or at the bottom of our website at any time.

You are also able to adjust your cookie preferences in your web browser to block cookies. When blocking all cookies, you will not be able to use the services needed to log in on our website. You are also able to remove previously stored cookies on your computer through your web browser. More information about this can be found on your web browsers reference information, and on

Cookie Overview

More detailed information about the cookies we use can be found in our Cookie Overview.

Privacy policy

We care about your personal integrity. To make sure that we handle your personal data in a safe and secure manner, we work actively with data protection. In our Privacy Policy, you can read more about how we process your personal data and learn about your rights.

Contact and support

Experiencing technical problems on our website? Or do you have general questions or feedback? We happily accept all questions from you as a website visitor, no matter if you are looking for a job, need guidance, or are simply curious about our services.

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