How to develop your employees

We tend to focus a lot on talent attraction and hiring processes. And we are right, because they are the solid stand of a long lasting relationship between a company and its employees. We however often forget to mention how retaining and developing people once they are hired is as important, if not more important. Do not worry: we have gathered on this page all our data regarding employees attraction & engagement. So you have everything you need.

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#1 Identify the skills you'll need in the future

Future is uncertain and everything is evolving fast: who would have thought hiring a data scientist or an automation engineer 10 years ago? In the same way you're building a business plan for your company, have you thought about including a people plan to it?

A People what? A People Plan: a tool that can be considered as an annex to any business plan, mapping out the skills and people in place within the company as well as identifying those that will be needed for the future.

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Talking about the future... we are convinced that young professionals will play an important role revitalizing your teams and processes. Why do we think so? Because we have been working with them for more than 20 years, but also for many other reasons: discover all the advantages working with young professionals here.

#2 Learn how to attract the people you want

Once you have identified which skills or personality traits you would like to see join your team, you will face the challenge of attracting the people who exhibit these qualities. Each year, in partnership with a research institute, we conduct the Young Professional Attraction Index, the only study in Switzerland specializing in young professionals. What are they looking for when searching for their first job and which companies inspire them the most? We simply asked them, and gladly share their answers with our partners and clients, so we can adapt to the workforce of tomorrow and attract the best in a more efficient way.

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Tips & Tricks for an efficient recruitment process : a recruitment process is full of important steps that should not be overlooked! We have gathered in this white paper our best practices and tools to help you in your efforts. Download the full copy of the white paper here.

Strength your employer brand with YPAI

The Young Professional Attraction Index (YPAI) is a great tool for companies and organizations that are interested in learning about tomorrow's workforce, young professionals.

We have taken an in-depth look at five organizations to ask what they did to stand out from the crowd in 2020, and hear what they can tell us about creating a strong employer brand that appeals to this in-demand group in the job market. Browse through the case studies and learn how to build a better employer brand with YPAI!

Read about following companies:

  • Nordea
  • DNV
  • AFRY
  • Northvolt
  • Konecranes
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#3 Once you have them hired, onboard them properly!

A good onboarding process is crucial when hiring new employees. It’s a way for them to quickly get to know the company’s vision, goals and values and also getting comfortable with their new role. As part of the onboarding process, you should develop a plan that includes important dates, job descriptions, expectations, and a more description of how the new employee’s progress and presentation will be evaluated.

But how do you succeed with onboarding when it has to be done remotely? We have listed a lot of tips on how to create a good onboarding digitally.

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The performance of leadership and communication are very important factors for the success of leading others when distance comes into play. Here you can read more on how you can be successful with remote management.

#4 Keep them engaged

Focus on good leadership: In our yearly survey YPAI we found out that one of the most important attributes for young professionals when choosing an employer is “Good leader and good leadership”. A good leader affects directly and indirectly many factors when it comes to the company, e.g. they have to ensure a good social environment, the degree of flexibility and the employee's work tasks. But what does a leader need to focus on to attract and develop young professionals? See below!

A good manager:

  1. Gives constructive feedback (50%)
  2. Open and honest communication (44%)
  3. Enables training/educational opportunities (42%)

Want to know more on how to become a more attractive manager and an attractive employer in general? Download the reports here!

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